Why is it Dangerous to Read in the Dark?

Well, guess what? It is a MYTH. Yes it is, according to most of the ophthalmologists and researches reading in the dark may cause headache, but causing long lasting damage to your eyes in not true. Yet others claim that putting so much strain on your eyes (in general not only during reading in the dark) can cause the weakening of your eyesight.

No solid based researches have been performed on the reading in the dark effect. On the other hand, researches about short sight in general may help us to understand the whole debate about this issue.

Most of the results indicated that "close work" is the main reason behind the myopia (short of sight). Reading at close, sewing or whatever you are doing, make sure to keep your distance while doing it.

Another factor was discovered for short of sight which is Genetics. According to a recent study, 80%-90% of school leavers still did suffer from myopia which proves that it is not only related to putting strain on your eyes. If both of your parents are short-sighted you have a 40% chance to be like them too, if they have good vision then it drops to 10%. Mothers who smoke during their pregnancy increase the chance of giving birth to a child that will suffer from short-sightedness.

Last but not least, short-nearsightedness can be the result of not being subjected to sunlight in the outdoors for enough time. A Myopia study proved that more than 1,700 children from six to twelve years old suffer from it due to the lack of being exposed to bright daylight.

Bottom line, no studies have proven a direct relation what so ever between reading in the dark and suffering from myopia, there are always debates between researches regarding this issue, but no solid hard evidence to prove it.

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