Top 5 Teeth Staining Food to Avoid

Many people don't give so much care to their teeth health and look. However, teeth are really significant and might be the most noticeable feature of the face because the beauty of your smile depends on shiny and healthy teeth hidden behind it. You can surprise to know that food you eat can definitely make your smile looks extremely unattractive, but how is that possible? Basically, there are some food and drinks that give hand to damaging your teeth look by staining them and stealing away the whiteness of your teeth.

Here is a list of food and drink that can certainly stain your teeth by if you frequently eat or drink them;


Sauces which contain a tense color like red tomato sauce or soy sauce are very likely to stain your teeth especially if you don't brush your teeth after eating them. So, if you are a big fan of sauces, make sure you brush your teeth before it is filled with smudges that can be difficult to be removed after a while.

Tea, black coffee and soda

Their black color will certainly leave tint in your teeth. People who are used to drink them up to three times every day without brushing their teeth quickly after, will undoubtedly wait to see their teeth turn in yellowish brown by time.

Colored juicy fruits

Heavenly sweet fruits like pomegranates, berries, and cherries are unfortunately can be on the top of the list of food that can tint your teeth. Because of the condensed colored juice they contain in their tiny size, it is preferable to have small amount of them every week.


No need to talk about its redness, right?

Candy and popsicles

They don't only remove the whiteness of your teeth, but also they are completely harmful to your oral health because they cause cavity and teeth damage.

In fact, food which can gradually cause a change in your natural teeth white, are often very healthy and they are extremely antioxidants, except candies of course. So, it is not right to stop eating them just because they contain colored tincture. You should learn to use straws with drinks, and frequently brushing your teeth at least twice a day to lessen the possibility of having your teeth stained.