How to Become a Morning Person

There is no better way to wake up in the morning and feel the energy flowing through your body after a resounding 8-hour sleep at night. But for night owls, it can be a problem in the long run. Not only does your immune system wear down but it hastens your aging process and worsens your eyebags.

But its never too late to turn to a morning person. You can do it effectively, safely and without depending on sleeping pills which poses a lot of health threats. Here are simple ways you can condition yourself in order to become the morning person you should be:

- Practice a good sleeping pattern. You should have a sleep schedule and start adjusting your schedule 15-30 minutes earlier after 2-3 days. Don't try to adjust more than 30 minutes since it may show a rebound effect and you will return to your old routine.

- Remember that it takes time. To become a morning person, you cannot just switch off your insomnia. It is a process and you have to start somewhere. Start saying no to night outs and other commitments. Or if you can't say no, at least block off the hours you have to be home and sleep.

- Eat smartly. Nothing per orem or no food in the mouth 4 hours prior to sleep. Experts say that the feeling of being too full will cause discomfort before going to sleep. Likewise, sleeping very hungry can also be discomforting. Most importantly, lessen or no more caffeine intake after 2 pm to help you sleep soundly at night.

- Cozy it down. Make your bedroom cozy and become a perfect place for slumber. Reduce the lighting, noise and take out all gadgets as much as possible. But don't limit the cozyness of the room to fixtures and appliances. Make sure your bed is comfortable enough to sleep in. Don't be afraid for a bed upgrade because after all, you deserve a good night's rest after a long day.