Desiring That One of a Kind Strength

There's nothing my heart desires more than strength and probably not in the way that you are thinking. I've realized that true strength can only come from Jesus Christ. There is no one greater and nothing better than the kind of strength He can offer if we let Him lead. Deep down I want a continual strength that will not only make me better, but one that will bring others closer to Him. I know His strength shines through the most, in my heart and i desire more of it.

I'm not scared of this disease anymore, but I do struggle living with it. I can't help, but think it's not a coincidence that all of the problems I am having can't be fixed with medicine. Everyday, I have pain and sometimes so much of it. Everyday I'm exhausted by noon. Everyday my heart beats irregularly. Everyday my chest hurts. Everyday I am in a constant battle between giving up or giving it my all. I choose my all. And the only way I am ever able to make that choice is through the Lord. There is no other place my strength comes from when everyday I struggle. So, more than anything I desire strength for my heart and I will until the day I die and I get to go home. I want to be able to shine for the Lord, and do what I can do with what He has blessed me with. I want the strength to be healthy, the strength to take a 20 minute walk, the strength to be able to work four hours a day, the strength to take care of the cutest puppy ever, the strength to learn how to cook, and strength to be the best daughter, sister, and girlfriend that He is calling me to be. I need more strength and not because I want to boast about how strong I am and how good I am, not at all.

It is because I want to boast about my weakness and how good HE is because of it.