3 Tips that will Make your Child a Veggie Eater

Author: Dan Littman

Children at picky eaters in general. This is the stage where your child only want 3 things- sweets, fried chicken and more sweets. No matter how you try to blatantly tell them to eat healthy food like vegetables and whole grain products, they will give our the longest stare in their lives or begin exhibiting different facial grimaces. Sure it is very challenging for parents. But you don't have to always be on top of your game and force feed your child to the food or foods that they currently hate.

Expert give out advices on how to end the picky eating era of your children. You have to remember that the process is not easy and you need to take it one step-at-a-time to feed them healthily.

- Eat together with your kids

Studies showed that eating together with your kids especially at dinner time will help them have a healthy diet, more protandim. This is because your company helps them make good choices in life like eating green leafy vegetables or opting for healthier options. You should however set a good example not just in the dinner table but also other factors like not entertaining phone calls while eating, preparing the table together.

- The "try a bite" rule

Introducing new and healthy foods can be a challenge to picky eaters. Instead to making them eat the whole thing, ask your child to at least take a bite. You can see in their facial expression if the food is likable or not. Even with negative outcome, still, praise them for trying anyway.

- "Hide" the veggies

This trick is very effective especially to young ones. Instead of making big chunks of vegetable or letting them eat a vegetable salad, thinly slice the vegetables and mix it with meat products. Or make eggplant lasagna instead of using pasta. Any chance you can hide the vegetable while serving the plate, do so. Your child wouldn't notice the food once delivered to their mouth

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